Meet the AH team

Get to know The Absolute Horse team! Woman owned and operated.



Abbie Block grew up on Bainbridge Island, WA. She has always had a spot for horses in her heart. At around age 10 she started riding. From there she narrowed her focus into the hunter/jumper circuit and would compete at shows around the Northwest and Canada, including the show in Bend, OR. The day after high school Abbie moved to Bend. There Abbie was able to find everything that she was looking for in the next chapter of her life; 2 year & 4 year College, lots of places to ride horses, winter sports, and sunny days. Over the years she has had a few different horses but currently has 5, all different breeds, colors, and trained in various disciplines. One of Abbie’s riding goals is to play a season of polo and play on different fields all season long. That goal of hers is on hold while she raises her daughter, Sage. Abbie has owned and operated The Absolute Horse since 2009. You can find her doing all the different duties in the store, but one of her favorite things to do is talk about bits with customers. 





Polo was born in White Swan, WA in 2012. Abbie was driving to a polo match, missed her turn, and then came across a little puppy on the side of the road by a corn field! The little puppy was about 5 weeks old and felt like only 5 pounds. Abbie picked up the puppy, went to her polo match with her, and that’s where the puppy got her name “Polo.” Polo loves her toys, other dogs that come into the store, and most importantly her people, including Absolute Horse customers! Polo is a Kelpie, which is an Australian herding dog. One of her well known traits is her soft coat. Customers are often greeted by Polo’s loving personality at the door. 





Hadley Johnson is originally from WA, has lived in Sherwood, OR for 28 years, and she recently decided to move to Sisters to escape the rain as well as enjoy the quietness of the country at her new home. Hadley has been a hunter/jumper rider her entire life and trained professionally for 28 years. Her and her husband own a variety of 7 horses all different breeds including her home bred Irish sport horse and a Holsteiner.  Most of their horses are retired, but her and her husband still compete today on their two younger horses. Her life goal is to learn as much as possible from professionals of all variety and be the best horse person she can be. For fun, besides horse shows, Hadley enjoys camping with or without her horses, hiking, and skiing. Hadley's role at The Absolute Horse is to provide the best and knowledgeable experiences to its patrons with an emphasis on English riding, bits, and equipment. 




Sarah S.

Sarah Soderholm moved from SoCal to Bend with her husband March 2020 for a fresh start on life in a new place. She grew up by the beach and was one of the top 5 fastest swimmers in her county. She always has loved animals, but didn’t have her own horse until she was an adult, she now has two horses and loves to ride out on the trails. Her favorite type of riding is endurance and she hopes to get a lot of miles under belt with her Arabian mare. For fun Sarah enjoys being outdoors hiking with her husband Trevor and their dog, camping, swimming, cooking, movies, road trips, photography, and of course riding her mares. One of her life goals is to own land and have her own animal sanctuary. Sarah helps out with The Absolute Horse’s social media, website, and really enjoys assisting customers with bits, saddles, and helmets. 




Sarah F.

Sarah Fuegy is a Bend local who has been riding for the past 7 years. She and her mom practice dressage with their thoroughbred and warmblood geldings. Sarah loves to spend her time outdoors skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and riding hunter/jumper with her horse. One of Sarah’s big goals for riding this year is to have smooth and consistent rounds at the 3” hunters at her shows this year. Sarah helps out at The Absolute Horse providing excellent customer service, fulfilling all retail store duties, and cuddling “Polo” the store dog.