Saddle Consignment

Saddle Consignment

The Absolute Horse is happy to take well maintained brand name saddles on consignment, and will work with you to determine a competitive price for your saddle. 

  • English & Western Saddles
  • Close contact, All Purpose, & Endurance saddles
  • Trail, Roper, Arab, & Reiner saddles

(See our saddle consignment agreement below for more information)


You can view all of our available saddles HERE.

Email us at if you have a specific question about consigning your saddle with us. 


Saddle Trials

All of our new & consigned saddles are available for trial prior to purchase. To take a saddle on trial we authorize a full deposit on your credit card or hold a check for the purchase price of the saddle.

Our saddle trial period is 3 days if picked up at the store, and 3 days after the saddle has arrived if shipped. Shipping is available in the US at the buyers expense. If more time is needed you will have to call The Absolute Horse to let us know. If we ship the saddle to you, the cost of shipping will be charged to your card at the time of shipping and is non-refundable. If you do not purchase the saddle, you are responsible for delivering or shipping the saddle (insured) back to us. It must be shipped 3 days after it is delivered to you, and you also need to notify us prior to shipping the saddle back to us.

All saddles must be returned in the condition in which they were sent to you. If a saddle comes back damaged to the extent that we have to reduce the selling price, your card will be charged for the amount of the price reduction.

You are responsible for anything that might happen to the saddle once it has been delivered to you. We do not provide any warranties on the quality or safety of the consigned saddle that we sell.

During a saddle trial, please do not allow your horse to be at liberty with any saddles you have on trial.

When trying a saddle please keep the ride short, and wear breeches or seamless jeans in order to not mark up the saddle.

(See our Saddle Trial Form below)


Saddle Fittings

To Schedule a professional saddle fitting please email us at